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Expect More From Your Extractor With A Skypad 2.0

The original Skypad relied on one powerful motor to extract odours from your kitchen whereas the Skypad 2.0 has two motors to ensure a fresh, clean and healthy air environment. The twin motor system is the key reason why this hood offers such an impressive extraction performance compared to other recirculating hoods.

The upgrade of this hood has resulted in some remarkable outcomes such as its doubled its maximum extraction rate! The Skypad 2.0 extracts at a whopping 850m³h which is rather phenomenal for a hood that cannot be ducted. It now provides the same extraction power on recirculating mode as a ducted equivalent.

This hood is designed to easily fit onto the ceiling to save valuable kitchen space with no need to install ducting or create a bulk head to fit it into. Essentially after install the Skypad 2.0 is ready to use.

The Skypad 2.0 is an attractive ceiling hood with a smooth glass centre encased in a solid stainless-steel frame which is illuminated by 2 dazzling LED lights. The 2.0 version of the Skypad is the 2018 upgrade of, quite simply – the Skypad.

Measuring at 1200mm wide, the Skypad 2.0 is suitable to use over hobs up to 1400mm wide and either gas or induction or a high-performance appliance such as a range cooker making it a great option for larger households.

Faber have guaranteed optimal extraction effectiveness as well as ease of use with this hood. The Skypad 2.0 has 4 different extraction speeds to choose from, comes with a remote control and a comfort light which can illuminate the hob below even when the hood isn’t in use. When used in intensive mode the Skypad 2.0 remains quiet producing a maximum noise level of 72dB.

If you are looking for a hood that is stylish, unobstructive and easy to install without compromising on performance then this hood will be perfect for you!