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The Arkea Plus by Faber – Stylish, Vibrant and Now with Even More Extraction Power!

Faber continue to refine and develop new technologies and have recently announced they are giving some of their most popular hoods an internal upgrade.

Beginning with the Arkea, a striking island hood with unique functionalities, now has improved extraction technology, lighting and a new motor!

Faber don’t just make kitchens look stunning with professionally designed extractors, they create a living space or a new look or feel in the home. The colour changing feature of the Arkea Plus remains unchanged, it uses LED RGB ambiance lighting allowing you to choose your favourite colour or alternative colours in a loop to light your cooking area. The Arkea Plus is a hood that compliments your kitchen colour scheme and even your mood!

The lighting underneath the Arkea Plus has been transformed from 4 LED lights to Micro LED Lights illuminating the hob beneath with an extra cool white glow.

The updated Arkea is simply known as the Arkea Plus and encapsulates all the fabulous features of the Arkea but with a few improvements, such as increasing the extraction rate by 100 m³h! There are 4 speed settings to choose from including Intensive Mode which extracts at a mighty 620m³h.

Unbelievably whilst increasing its extraction power Faber have also reduced The Arkea Plus’s overall energy consumption without limiting product performance or enjoyment.

Such great extraction power makes the Arkea Plus perfect for open plan living, a place where you can entertain friends and family and still cook up a feast without the concern of tainted smells filling your kitchen.

The Arkea Plus is as quiet as it is effective, the noise made by the extractor has been reduced and begins at a barely audible 49dB.

Needless to say, the Arkeas Plus includes the coveted “Up&Down” technology which allows the hood to be lowered towards the hob when in use increasing its efficiency and then retracts back to the ceiling when no longer needed.

Finally, the Arkea Plus an be fitted with hard-wearing charcoal filters which collect moisture and purify the air by absorbing odours.

We will let you know when Faber launch more advanced products and when the next load of our most popular hoods are given an internal upgrade.

Please note the Arkea plus has a new order code – 345.0492.562.