New deposit terms for ILVE

Customers are required to pay a 50% deposit payment at the time of ordering, for ILVE orders on the following basis:

  • Colour match range cookers
  • 150cm range cookers
  • All blue, green, burgundy cookers
  • All bronze and copper trim cookers
  • 120cm cream range cooker models
  • 150cm, 120cm and 100cm cream Majestic ranges
  • All Panoramagic models (range cookers & built-in ovens)
  • Unique Built-in Appliances (blue / green /cream / burgundy – bronze / copper trims)
  • All proforma customers pay 100% on all orders

In the event of a customer cancelation (and the product have already gone into production), we will not be able to cancel the order on your behalf and you will still be required to take the product. KitchenEx will however, adjust the invoice to our ‘display discount’ to assist with moving the cooker on.